Karl Anderson

Karl is a coach and trainer based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Coming from an athletic background, Karl overcame a number of sports-related injuries at a young age, leading to his interest in joint health. With over 500 hours of yoga training along with FRC (functional range conditioning) and kinstretch certifications, Karl’s goal as a fitness professional is to improve quality of life through quality movement. He hopes to accomplish this by putting a heavy focus on breath, anatomy and alignment.

Each class in this maximum mobility series is an all-around flow infused with functional movement and mobility work. Like oil for your hinges, this series is designed to help you move through life more freely and efficiently. Every class starts with basic ROM (range of motion) drills called CARs (controlled articular rotations), which are great for assessing the current range of motion your joints have available.  After exploring our joints full range we get into more dynamic movement patterns with a focus on moving with control. Expect a laid back teaching style that aims to inspire practitioners to learn or feel something new in each class.

Karl lives in Arizona, USA