A 10-Day series of expertly designed 15-minute core workouts created to wake up, engage, and sculpt your core muscles. Get the entire series for only $14.99.

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For many, the mid-section is an area that holds onto unwanted inches. There is more than one reason someone holds onto weight in this area which also means there's more than one way to help build core strength. Traditional sit up’s are not only boring, but they also aren't the best way to target your core.

What is Core-Tasitc?

Core-Tasic is 10-Day series where you will be led through expertly designed 15min workouts that were created to wake up, energize, and engage your core muscles.  From your deepest rooted one to the outermost superficial ones.  Not only will you achieve a flatter stomach, but you will learn how to protect your back and stabilize your pelvis.

What is Included

10, 15-minute workouts professionally designed to strengthen your core from the inside out.

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced options to best suit your core’s needs

Guidance on how to safely tighten and tone your core all while learning to listen to your body + breath

Practice anywhere, anytime & at your own pace. Keep these videos forever.

Learn simple ways to harness your inner power to keep you motivated to heal yourself

Brought to you in a fun, upbeat, light hearted manner to keep you motivated

Who Should Do This Series?

Anyone wanting a targeted core-centric workout

Those looking to strengthen, tone, and sculpt their abs

Classes for every body & every level

Anyone short-on-time desiring an effective core focused program

All lovers of fitness who want to learn and inject creative core-centric sequences into their practice

Those looking to improve their perception of self, gain better posture, and walk with confidence

Core Strength in 10 Days...

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