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Here’s What You Get Inside Shine

A Wide Range of Classes, On-Demand:

The selection of yoga, dance and fitness classes inside Shine Online will AMAZE you. Whether you want a flat belly... a toned butt... lean legs… a fun workout with upbeat music… something to fully relax your mind and body... (whatever it is)…’ll find classes that suit your needs PERFECTLY.

Guidance From Internationally Renowned Teachers:

ALL our instructors are at the highest level in their areas of expertise. They are sought-after by people (from around the globe) like crazy. When you join Shine Online, you’ll have access to all these kick-ass teachers, without spending a fortune. They’ll guide you with patience and care. They’ll make whatever class you attend as easy-to-follow as possible.

Classes For All Experience Levels:

You won’t find this in most fitness studios. (But it's so important!) Shine Online divides classes into 3 categories. We’ve classes for people with no experience in yoga, dance, or any type fitness practice (the beginners)… people with a little experience (the intermediates)… and the total pros (the advanced).

Pop-Up Live Classes:

For those who enjoy the company of a group of people (while working out)… and want to have a more personal, one-on-one interaction with teachers... ...we have live monthly pop-up classes . Just hop on any of these live sessions, and you’ll feel like you’re at a studio… in-person… with other people...

...but, without actually leaving your home.

Short, “Time-Saver” Classes For Busy Days:

Many of us want to workout, get in shape and stay fit... but... we just can’t make time for it. Life gets in the way. This is why... Shine Online has a special section called “Time Saver” classes. These are simple classes you can finish in a very short time. But, even though they may take less time to complete... They give you a BIG boost of energy. Burn lots of calories. Strengthen your body, and de-stress your mind.

Workouts That Don’t Really Feel Like “Workouts”:

One awesome thing about our classes is that none of them feel like a typical workout session. Yes, they’ll challenge you. Yes, you’ll sweat. Yes, they’ll pump up your heart rate. BUT… None of the classes are “hard” to go though. None of them will “punish” your body. None of them will burn you out. INSTEAD… Each class is actually quite fun to do. And each one fills you up with more energy than you begin with.

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Move with the best. Our instructors come from diverse movement backgrounds to help you reach your fitness goals.

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