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Here’s What You Get Inside Shine Online

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A Wide Range of Classes, On-Demand:

The selection of yoga, dance and fitness classes inside Shine Online will AMAZE you. Whether you want a flat belly... a toned butt... lean legs… a fun workout with upbeat music… something to fully relax your mind and body... (whatever it is)…’ll find classes that suit your needs PERFECTLY. Plus, the best part is: Since all classes are available in your library at all times, there’s no need to make appointments with trainers… or... rush to be “on time” for anything. You can try any class you fancy... anytime you want.

Guidance From Internationally Renowned Teachers:

ALL our instructors are at the highest level in their areas of expertise. They are sought-after by people (from around the globe) like crazy. And typically, you’d have to shell out thousands of dollars to learn from them. But the good news for you is… When you join Shine Online, you’ll have access to all these kick-ass teachers, without spending a fortune. They’ll guide you with patience and care. They’ll make whatever class you attend as easy-to-follow as possible. And, most importantly… They’ll use every trick in the book… all the little-known, insider secrets… and years of coaching experience... to GUARANTEE that you see astonishing shifts in your health and fitness... in the shortest time possible.

Classes For All Experience Levels:

You won’t find this in most fitness studios. (But it's so important!) Shine Online divides classes into 3 categories. We’ve classes for people with no experience in yoga, dance, or any type fitness practice (the beginners)… people with a little experience (the intermediates)… and the total pros (the advanced). Why do we do this? Simple. So you don’t waste time and energy on classes which are not designed for you… and won't really help you much.

Daily Live Sessions:

For those who enjoy the company of a group of people (while working out)… and want to have a more personal, one-on-one interaction with teachers... ...we have live classes every day. Just hop on any of these live sessions, and you’ll feel like you’re at a studio… in-person… with other people...

...but, without actually leaving your home.

Short, “Time-Saver” Classes For Busy Days:

Many of us want to workout, get in shape and stay fit... but... we just can’t make time for it. Life gets in the way. This is why... Shine Online has a special section called “Time Saver” classes. These are simple classes you can finish in a very short time. But, even though they may take less time to complete... They give you a BIG boost of energy. Burn lots of calories. Strengthen your body, and de-stress your mind. Basically... On the days you’re super busy… or don’t feel like going “all out”... these classes are perfect.

Workouts That Don’t Really Feel Like “Workouts”:

One awesome thing about all the classes inside Shine Online is that… None of them feel like a typical workout session. Yes, they’ll challenge you. Yes, you’ll sweat. Yes, they’ll pump up your heart rate. BUT… None of the classes are “hard” to go though. None of them will “punish” your body. None of them will burn you out. INSTEAD… Each class is actually quite fun to do. And each one fills you up with more energy than you begin with. EVEN ON days you’re super tired... If you can get yourself to simply start a class... Then... in just 5 to 6 minutes into it... You’ll notice a sharp boost in your level of energy. Tiredness will vanish. And you’ll be totally refreshed.

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Wave Goodbye to Stress, Anxiety And Fatigue!

Stress, anxiety and fatigue DESTROY most people's lives.

Think about it… Being stressed (or overwhelmed) every day… constantly worrying about things… feeling tired and worn out all the time… Is that the way to live your life? Is that even “living”?! Heck no! It’s just SUFFERING. Plain suffering. Lucky for you... Shine Online can easily save you from this suffering.

It’s a proven fact

that yoga, dance and other such types of structured (or rhythmic) fitness practices (aka what we teach) can… literally ERASE stress and anxiety from your system. And, not only that… but also… give you access to more energy than you could EVER dream of possessing! (So much energy that you can go through a jam-packed day of a hundred different things to do… and STILL have a huge tank of charge left in your body to enjoy your evening.)

In short… With the help of our classes... You can be stress-free… anxiety-proof… and full of vibrant energy... almost 24/7!

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What Other People Say About Shine Online...

If you all haven’t tried Shine Online Subscription with Sue and Erica you're missing out. I just did a Bangin' Booty for 30min and Core-Tastic for 17min!! I’m so stinkin' sore but what a great workout!

<p><span style="color: rgb(5, 5, 5);" >Betsy Stahlman</span></p>, <p>On Facebook</p>

Betsy Stahlman

On Facebook

I joined Shine to learn Yoga. In addition to Yoga, Shine offers many dancey flows and other types of movement for cardio and well being. I love starting my days on the weekend with their 8:30 am classes or drop in on an occasional early evening class at 5 pm. Shine offers flexible on demand, streaming classes in a lot of variety and skill levels.If you love dance, yoga and body sculpting give Shine a try! You’ll love all the variety of their classes. No matter the day or time they’ve got an offering that will work with your lifestyle.

<p><span style="color: rgb(5, 5, 5);" >Tara Overton</span></p>, <p>Via Email</p>

Tara Overton

Via Email

I did one of Sue White’s Frequency Flows followed by her Bangin’ Booty and am so nicely sore! I am so loving the invitation to connect to earth, sky and me. It reminds me of qigong which I love.

<p>Emily </p>, <p>Facebook</p>



5 More Ways Shine Online Can

Transform Your Life

Big Boost In Daily Productivity

This is no secret. Moving your body (the right way) instantly makes you more focused. It bumps up your energy. And compels your brain to function better. All of this helps you get more stuff done in less time. (Because your system starts to operate at the highest level). Procrastination tendencies automatically VANISH. (Yes, for real). And, you accomplish a LOT more in your day-to-day life.

Greater Sense of Self Love

And Confidence

The type of rhythmic movement taught inside Shine Online sparks a deep sense of self love within people. Honestly, it’s hard to explain how or why it really happens. But as you’ll see during your trial period (if you join)... After you start going through classes You’ll suddenly begin to feel really good about yourself. You’ll feel a brand-new (and quite intense) level of confidence. And, if you have insecurities that haunt you… They’ll begin to fade away. Yes, it might sound like a stretch now. But it’s true. You can fact-check this for yourself during the 14-day trial period.

Look And Feel Better

As you go through our classes inside Shine Online, you’ll almost immediately start to look and feel more attractive than EVER! It’s true. You’ll have a whole new outlook towards yourself. An outlook of admiration. And... You’ll see yourself drop pounds, burn fat (even in those tough spots like the belly, butt, and thighs) and get a toned body… faster than you can imagine. In fact, if you begin your free trial today, and start trying out some classes… You’ll see noticeable changes in your figure (and mindset)… in the NEXT 14 DAYS ITSELF!

Instant Increase In

Personal Happiness

Psychologists have discovered that yoga, dance and basically all types of rhythmic, structured movement (aka what you’ll find inside Shine Online)… Releases endorphins and dopamine (the “feel good” hormones) in your brain… Which dramatically improves your mood - and makes you happier. (Even on the days you feel REALLY shitty). What’s more… Over time, as you do more of these types of exercises. Your brain gets completely rewired.It becomes a “manufacturing unit” for good, positive feelings. And you experience a 10X MORE happiness, joy and excitement in your day-to-day life.

Avoid Aging Too Fast

(Stay Young Longer)

Several scientific studies PROVE that the form of exercises we teach inside Shine Online... Slows down the aging process… and preserves your youth, vigor and beauty for a LONG time. In other words, once you make Shine Online a part of your weekly or daily routine... You don’t need to worry about those nasty aging symptoms like wrinkles, sagging, fragile bones, etc. You don’t need to spend money and time on anti-aging pills, creams, serums, gels etc. (They hardly work anyway, and most have bad side effects). And you don’t need to go for medical treatments which cost a fortune. The right form of movement is more than enough to protect you from aging fast.

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